A tarot card depicting a tower that is crashing. Lighting striking it and there are flowers growing at its base.
The tarot card “The Tower” (From Amrit Brar’s deck)

A transparent tea cup containing flowering tea. Lavender and condiments strewn around it along with a bunch of leaves.
Photo Cred: Lisa Hobbs

(Image description: A graffiti of a woman’s face with a rose in her hair and a rainbow ribbon stretched across)

(Description: A painting of a reading room with wooden wall-to-wall closets, a portrait of a child-demon and a chair next to a fireplace)

The author’s photograph as a child wearing a gold and green dress in the sunlight.

A scattering of pink petals along a walking path

Today, We

(Photo: Dan Meyers | Description — 3 signs put up on a stone footpath that read ‘Don’t give up’, ‘You are not alone’, and ‘You matter’.)

( Photo courtsey : Ellijah O’Donnell. Description : A butterfly sits on a man’s soot-dusted hand.)

ʇsnſ ʇuıɐs

scherezade siobhan or scherezadenfreude. psychologist. writer. runs thetalkingcompass — www.thetalkingcompass.com. personal website — www.zaharaesque.com

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